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"Hi Imjoo, rice cake for tteokbokki is not the one for patbingsu. If you cant find that rice cake for patbingsu at your local grocery store you can make it at home. Buy a box of mochi flour, mochiko is a Japanese brand of mochi flour, mix flour with sugar and water then either steam or microwave. Then dust the dough with potato starch and roll out, cut into cubes and u can use them for your patbingsu. I always make patbingsu rice cakes at home because its kinda expensive if we buy it out from grocery store"
in Patbingsu (Shaved ice with sweet red beans and fruit) — Jul/14

"I had the same problem of strong yeast smell. Plus my dough was very runny even though i followed the exact scale. I'm making the second batch now. Gotta throw the first batch away"
in Bread Rolls — Jul/14

"Hi Maangchi, thank you so so much for the great ( very thorough and clear) recipe for sikhye. I learnt about sikhye from your site and never hesitate to give it a try because of your detailing video clip. Before making my own sikhye, I have tried the drink from one of the best korean tofu house restaurant in my town called Kaju tofu house but their sikhye is really bad, overly sweet and all the rice sinks down to the bottom. I decided to make my own sikhye right after getting out of the restaurant. I followed your recipe carefully and try to read most of the comments to get more ideas about the drink. So, finally, i made it so successfully. I love to make my sikhye less sweet than usual so right before serving I can sprinkle a bit of sugar to the drink and then add the rice, amazingly all the rice float, i mean all of them float, none sinks down to the bottom. My sikhye has a unique aroma that i cannot describe, i believe the aroma comes from the barley malt and also the fermenting process with rice has made the smell more attractive. I love to cook korean food and i find your site's recipes are great to try. I have made so far plenty dishes from your recipes. Thank you again for your great contribution"
in Rice punch (Sikhye: 식혜) — May/14