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"Love rolling "sushi" rolls"
in Classic gimbap — Jul/16

"I made gimbap today, I didn't follow your recipe I simply made it with some leftover shredded soy braised pork shoulder and made all the various things my husband and I eat with it. So my gimbap had pork, egg, danmuji, spinach side dish, lightly cooked carrots, onions cooked in leftover braising liquid from the pork that I keep in the freezer, lettuce and thin slices of Serrano pepper. I also completely misplaced my bamboo mat so I rolled my freehand. It was a lot of fun and it came out beautiful and delicious. I also added lime juice to my sushi rice. I love your website and YouTube channel and they always give me great inspiration to cook and handy idea for using leftovers."
in Classic gimbap — Jul/16

"I made this today and it turned out really delicious. My husband is not a big fan of soups and likes food that is very very flavorful so this soup is a bit bland for his taste. So for him I chopped up the meat and put everything for the Galbitang on top of rice without the broth. Mine I had as soup with lots of hot pepper flakes. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes!"
in Beef short ribs soup (Galbitang) — Jul/16

"I love all your recipes I've tried so far. I made this for dinner today and my husband gave it exceptional praise. It was very spicy with the peppers. He's a very picky eater so I was over the moon that I found a Korean dish he really enjoys. I served it with home made danmuji, though with a different recipe than yours since I didn't want to wait a whole month. I made mine with a sugary rice vinegar brine with a bit of turmeric for color."
in Traditional-style spicy braised chicken (Dakbokkeumtang: 닭볶음탕) — Jul/16

"This looks insanely delicious! I'm going to make it later this week with the kimchi I made over the weekend. Would pork back ribs work well with this recipe since there isn't pork belly in the grocery stores near me? Also can I make this in a Dutch oven since I don't have a shallow pan with a lid like you use? :) ive been wanting to make something like this for months, since I watched a K-drama called Late Night Restaurant. Always makes me hungry."
in Braised kimchi & pork (Kimchijjim: 김치찜) — Jun/16

"I made this recipe today does it look okay to you? It's not as red as yours and seems to be getting pretty watery. i haven't tasted it yet since I'm not a particular fan of kimchi my itself but it smells really fishy. It's not going to taste really fishy is it?"
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi (Tongbaechu-kimchi: 통배추김치) — Jun/16