Askanam's comments

"Wow, this is almost the same thing we traditionally cook. I am Tatar, and we call those Manti ,but also Tabak borek or Tatar-asi (means Tatar food); even the name is the same :) . It is my favorite amon our traditional Tatar recipes. The difference is that we make them 3-4 times smaller, awe wrap the meat in tiny dough squares, maybe one inch big or even smaller. It is said the smaller the manti it means the cook is better in our tradition :). And as you also said, we gather all the family and make them together because we need to make lots and lots:) . we shape them like you did for the soup, boil them in water, drain them, after sprinkle with hot melted butter and red pepper flakes, and serve them topped with garlic yogurt .Here is a link to the ones we make:"
in Mandu (Dumplings) — Sep/12

"I looove Galbi, and I only ate Korean food here in North California, and I must say I only saw this type of bbq ribs around here, I had no idea there is another type of Galbi than this, LA Galbi. Even the Korean food markets have the ribs cut like this. I bought some and plan on making it tomorrow. Yesterday I made Japchae and Gamja Jorim after your recipes, and it was awesome. Only the potato side dish was not as sweet as at our favorite Korean restaurant here. Do you think they put way more sugar in them? Or it matters the potato type? What are the best potatoes for Gamja Jorim? Thanks for the wonderful recipes and videos, I adore you! Hugs!"
in LA galbi (LA style grilled beef short ribs) — Sep/12