atara's comments

"is there a version (for kimchi and Korean cooking) for "pre-diabetes/diabetes" that is vegan (therefore kosher) and emergency kimchi (because Israel dosnt always have Napa cabbage?"
in Vegetarian and vegan kimchi (Chaesik-kimchi: 채식김치) — Nov/19

"how do you do chopsticks when traveling? do you take your pair with you? how do you store them? in a case or other? also , there is a kosher Korean restaurant here in Israel , in the old city Jerusalem . when it opens you should go there and do a review.... it is run by a Korean lady that converted to Judaism.... only one of its kind.... it underwent renovations - cant wait to taste- according to them -its going to be a vegan/ fish restaurant - lemehadrin hopefully , the proprietress name is tzipporah Rothkopf...."
in Stainless steel chopsticks — Jan/19