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"I made these for lunch today and they were so good! My cabbage was a lot bigger than yours so I could only make one at a time. Next time I will try it with one of those mini napa cabbages, that might be cute. Maangchi, what would you serve these with to make a meal (other than kimchi and rice, of course!)?"
in Cabbage pancake (Baechujeon: 배추전) — Jun/20

"I made this last week (exactly as written, minus the water dropwort, which wasn't available at my local H-Mart). It is amazing! It is everything that I want kimchi to be, and the instructions were clear and easy-to-follow. I can't believe I waited 10 years to make kimchi! Thanks, Maangchi. My boyfriend has been gobbling it up like there's about to be a national shortage, and he isn't even a big Korean food guy. I will be making another batch soon."
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi — Jun/16