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"I recently made this for my family and it was delicious. I skipped the kimchi because I did not have any left, yet it still turned out fine. I did not know if you are supposed to put rice in it or add it on top of rice so I just went with the former. In order to make this I made a huge batch of anchovy stock so that I could use it for other dishes later on as well. I even re-used some of the stock ingredients following the recipes in Maangchi’s second book. It all turned out super yummy and my family really enjoyed the meal. I also made a salad just because my family and I usually have some kind of salad with our meal and it worked surprisingly well even though the recipe was not Korean hahaha. I thought I would share some pictures (keep in mind I am by no means a chef! I just really love cooking in my free time ^-^) Thank you so much for your great recipes Maangchi! <3"
in Kimchi sundubu-jjigae (김치순두부찌개) Spicy soft tofu stew with kimchi and pork belly — Apr/20