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"Hi Maangchi! Would you consider showing us how to sun dry radish and other veg at home? I remember seeing my friend's mum drying veg on her balcony in Seoul. I am sure you must have some tricks and tips. I love Mu mallaengi but a small pack is sooo expensive in the UK (£8). Thank you!"
in Dried radish strips (Mumallaengi) — Jun/19

"Hi Maangchi!!!! I was going to cook bossam this Saturday but my guests can't come anymore. Do you think I can freeze the pork belly (2kg) and use it for bossam when we can reorganise our little party? Or should I just resign myself and eat it all this weekend? Is it ok to defrost and then cook the recipe? Many thanks!!"
in Pork wraps (Bo-ssam) — Feb/19

"Thank you!! It's a 점판암 plate. Very nice to present special food."
in Gujeolpan, Platter of 9 Delicacies (구절판) — Oct/17

"Hi Maangchi! Congratulations on your 2 millions viewers!!! I have been following your recipes for about a decade now, since I was a student! I made Gujeolpan a couple of months ago and it was a real labour of love, but the reactions from my Korean friends were worth it. Sending you lots of love from my London kitchen! If you ever need it, just tell me!"
in Gujeolpan, Platter of 9 Delicacies (구절판) — Oct/17