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"Hi Maangchi! I have made seaweed soup many many times due to the influence of k-drama and a large Korean population in Honolulu. I’ve used beef, pork spareribs, and clam meat. I adjust the taste of the broth to what I am using. All three versions are delicious. We love Korean food and all kinds of banchan esp kimchee and taegu. Your recipes are quite easy to follow and ingredients widely available here so it’s not a problem to find ingredients. In fact, many Korean food items are a staple in my pantry. Looking forward to more great recipes! Aloha from Hawaii!"
in Seaweed soup with mussels (Honghap miyeokguk) — Jun/22

"Good idea for left over brine...."
in L.A. Jangajji — May/18

"Absolutely addicting. Decided to make it on the spur. Had daikon, Persian cukes, and sweet Maui onions, but no celery or Serrano or Korean chilis. I used two home grown Hawaiian chili peppers which was enough to give it a kick. We really liked the Persian cukes so will add more of that the next time. I normally make Hawaiian style pickled onions which is also very good to have with meals, but this LA recipe give it a different twist which we love. Also the tip about adding peeled hard boiled eggs to leftover brine is a great idea."
in L.A. Jangajji — May/18