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"I made this dish for my new year's eve party. It was a big hit!! It was delicious with just right amount of heat. I marinated the pork with the sauce for 24 hours before I cooked it. I added the vegetables as I was cooking it. Very good!! I have many Korean cook books but not so easy to follow. With Maangchi's recipes, the foods always come out perfect and they are easy to follow. Thank you Maangchi for easy and delicious recipes."
in Spicy stir-fried pork (Dwaejigogi-bokkeum) — Jan/12

"Hi Maangchi I came across your blog when I was searching for some Korean food blog. I watched your video and I had sudden urged me to make some of your recipes. The first I made following your recipes was easy kimchi. It turned out delicious! That is saying a lot coming from a Korean girl who grew up eating authentic Korean foods. Even my mom, the very good kimchi maker was impress with my first kimchi. Other Korean cooking book was very hard to follow to make good kimchi because of not having exact salt to water ratio for soaking cabbages. I told my mom about you and she wanted to look at some other recipes and try to make some. Her co-worker ask her all the time to give them the recipes and she has hard time giving them the recipes well because she like most Korean home cooks don't have recipes. She is excited to find out about your blog and now she tells them just go look in for the recipes. I am so happy I found your cooking site and looking forward to cook more delicious food."
in Easy kimchi — Aug/11