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"I made this with quorn cubes (it's mycoprotein, or mushroom protein; kind of like tofu, but very "chickeny") instead of the chicken, and it turned out so well! Perfect comfort food at the end of a long week. Thank you for this wonderful recipe!"
in Korean style curry fried rice with chicken (Kare-bokkeumbap: 카레볶음밥) — May/21

"This is absolutely divine, and so easy to make. I added some sweet corn and diced cucumber into the wraps to add a little "fresh juicy" flavour for contrast... I think I'll be eating this dish for at least a week, it's so good I immediately want to make some more, haha!"
in Spicy tuna stew (Chamchi-jjigae: 참치찌개) — May/20

"Hi Maangchi! It's impossible to find garland chrysanthemum here in Finland - would it be okay to replace it with arugula/rocket/rucola, for a similar fresh green and slightly spicy kick? Love all your fish recipes - I'm hoping making this soup will kick this seasonal flu I've got to the curb, hahaha!"
in Spicy fish stew (Maeuntang) — Dec/19

"Hi Maangchi! This looks absolutely divine and like something that could save the day now that the weather's turning cold, grey and dreary where I live... Do you think I could replace the pork with some pre-soaked shiitake mushrooms? I'm trying to eat as little meat as possible and I wonder if that could give this dish some nice, deep meaty taste. Thank you for the recipe, it looks absolutely wonderful!"
in Korean-style mapo tofu (Mapadubu: 마파두부) — Sep/19

"I made this with some extra mushrooms and with some blanched nettles thrown in at the end - thank you for a lovely, easy-to-follow recipe! Autumn's turning very cold where I live, and this stew was perfect after getting in from a run out in the freezing evening. This really drove out the cold! :)"
in Budae-jjigae (Army Base Stew) — Oct/18

"Hi Maangchi, it's me again! :D I hope you don't mind me leaving so many comments recently. I made this today, and it's incredibly simple and so, so hearty, healthy and tasty! Maybe next time I'll add some more vegetables in, too, like leek and carrot... I also added some leftover ssamjang (about a generous tablespoon or so) before simmering, and the soup turned out delicious! Perfect food for a gloomy, cold rainy day. Thank you so much for sharing so many of your wonderful recipes, they've brought a lot of sunshine and variety in my life. :)"
in Soybean paste soup with cabbage (Baechu-doenjangguk) — Sep/18

"I feel like this would breathe life into the rather boring frozen pollock we sometimes have to resort to - it doesn't have a lot of flavour on its own and freezing makes it even more "wooden" sometimes, but I've had success poaching it in spicy coconut milk before, so this seems like it'd be something to try with ol' pollock. And how beautiful and colourful does this dish look! Perfect to drive out the cold after going out on a run on a frozen morning. :)"
in Braised Saury (Kkongchi-jorim) — Sep/18

"Maangchi, thank you so much for this simplified and brilliant recipe - things are quite tight financially for me right now, and I don't think I could make traditional kimchi with napa cabbage and the other trimmings, but I still need my kimchi fix! This is a superbly affordable recipe, and I made two kilograms of it tonight. It already tastes just like freshly made kimchi is supposed to -- I can't wait until it's had the chance to ferment!"
in Emergency Kimchi (Yangbaechu-kimchi) — Sep/18

"Hi Maangchi! What could I do to replace the dried anchovies in this recipe? Unfortunately, there are no Korean stores in my area, and due to regulations, few Amazon vendors ship here. Dangnabbit! Do you think I might get a similar taste out of tinned anchovies, or perhaps a combination of fish sauce + fish stock cube? I love this recipe, it's got everything you could possibly want - potatoes and onions and fermented veggies, and a good, tasty stock! Fishy bits or no fishy bits, I'm really looking forwards to trying this to keep the cold out this autumn. :)"
in Dried anchovies (Mareun-myeolchi) — Sep/18