beixi's comments

"I made this tonight as my first soup dish to try and it's excellent! I used Snow Crab, which is very hard shelled so I boiled and de-shelled it prior to starting. It's too bad my local Asian market didn't have Flower Crab. They seem to have everything else though. I added some leftover Enoki mushroom and some shrimp for personal taste. The doenjang is most definitely the important part, the taste is very distinct. Dried anchovies are a little out of my price range due to where I live, but I substituted "anchovy and kelp soup base" (Sempio brand) that I've been using regularly instead. I made bok choy with doenjang, a few leftover fish cakes, and rice as side dishes.Thank you for this wonderful recipe! Oh, and thanks to this new interest in Korean cooking my rabbit has fallen in love with napa cabbage. (And bok choy) He goes wild for it! I have to buy one for me and one for him all the time ;)"
in Korean crab stew (Kkotgetang: 꽃게탕) — Oct/16