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"Hello Maangchi. First of all I wanted to tell you that I love your videos, thanks for sharing all these amazing recipe. Before trying Korean food I knew I was going to love it after I saw your videos and indeed once I tried it, it's now among my favourite. I haven't tried a lot, hopefully soon. I made some of your recipe, even my mum loves them. Before I went vegan I made your fried chicken and my mum loved it. I just wanted to ask if red bean paste is the same as black bean paste? I know this might sound silly to ask. But I am from Mauritius and it's not easy to find Korean ingredients here. I tried to buy online but they won't ship to Mauritius. I really love Jajangmyeon and would love to make my own. In China Town here they do have some small shop and only recently they are receiving a few Korean ingredients or even noodles. But so far no black bean paste or gochujang :( They only have red bean paste. But I also saw fermented black bean, so I might do it my own following the recipe that someone who follows you posted. Sorry for this long comment. Love you and thank you :)"
in Black bean paste (Chunjang) — Jun/18