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"I know this is a tad PC, but I have a daughter-in-law who has ulcerative colitis and can eat most of the ingredients if adapted somewhat. Looking for substitutes for the glutinous rice - perhaps plain brown rice? And the caramelized sugar sauce. Is there a sugar substitute that will brown up and thicken as well as the traditional caramelized sugar? The brown sugar, I might try molasses as a substitute? Or just more honey? Always looking for recipes to make her food options a little more enjoyable. Will be making normally for the rest of us who can eat regular food and the only discomfort we experience is gaining a few pounds. Love the vids and the blogs. Thanks, Maanchi. A most enjoyable and informative go-to for Korean cooking!"
in Sweetened rice with dried fruits and nuts (Yaksik) — Jun/19

"What type of dipping sauce? Was looking for one on Maangchi's site but didn't find anything that sounded like it went well with. I served the pancakes with stir-fried vegetables and rice and, of course, Kimchi. The meal was out of this world! But a sauce was needed. Not a fan of just dashing on high-sodium thin sauces like fish sauce and soy sauce. Looking for something with a little more texture and less salt. Thank you."
in Seafood Pancakes (Haemuljeon: 해물전) — Apr/19

"These are SO scrumptious! My tastes tend to the, "Weird," as my family would say, but I LOVE Asian food. Two modifications I made to this recipe - I finished off in my convection oven because I was not sure all the seafood was cooked thoroughly AND, instead of putting oil in the (cast-iron) skillet, I sprayed with olive oil. MUCH lighter on the oil - too much oil is intimidating to me - and the outside crunch crunchier. Also was able to cook longer on the stove top rather than transfer to the convection oven to ensure fish cookery. A MOST delicious recipe - will be using a LOT as I LOVE everything seafood, even Seviche. Looking for a good gravy/sauce to include - I served first batch over stir-fried mung bean sprouts, daikon and carrot shreds with Kimchi. My family thinks I'm nuts..."
in Seafood Pancakes (Haemuljeon: 해물전) — Apr/19