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"Hello, I am 73 years old and my partner is 65. He is Japanese and calls Kimchi "kamuchi"; we both love it. The supermarket carries a brand that gets us by...but it isn't very good. The Asian market has a brand they get from Brooklyn, that is really delicious....good flavor and fermenting. The local Asian market makes their own...but it is much too mild and fresh for our taste. I want to try your recipe and technique. I have the ingredients on hand EXCEPT, I bought a pound bag of Shin Sun MI Korean Red Pepper Coarse Powder (not flakes)....this is a lot of red pepper powder.....can I substitute it for the flakes? Can I use the fresh Packaged oysters from the seafood counter, can I use chives or green onion instead of the Asian chives.....I haven't seen them locally. Thank you for your help"
in Kimchi and Kkakdugi — Mar/14