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"Wondering if anyone can help me out. I recently was in Busan and the lady brought out kimchi jjigae with my ssamgypsal. She warned me though that it would be very different from the "Northern" style kimchi jjigae I was used to. She was right, it tasted like there was fermented soybean paste in it and not much kimchi. Can anyone help me find a name of the style or a recipe?"
in Kimchi stew (Kimchi-jjigae) — Oct/18

"Maangi, I notice on the upper picture that Miyuk is labeled "wakame" I am assuming that miyuk is then just the Korean name for wakame? I have some in my cupboard but I find it is very thin and slimey not at all like the miyuk grandma used to buy which had a thicker and fimmer texture to it, is there any recommendations you have to picking out good miyuk/wakame"
in Dried edible seaweed (Mareun-miyeok) — Jan/10