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"Started off with buying too much beansprout. Found this recipe and as always, you have an amazing database of Kr. recipes. Got a bit daring (thanks to your other recipes, I started cooking Kr. food at the start of Covid) and started to add a few things. I added shredded dried pollock because I have this in my pantry forever ago, firm tofu and Mu :) You see, I just made Bugeoguk a couple of days ago and I still have lots of Mu. If I follow the exact measurements in all your recipes, I somehow have too much water (5.5 cups of water is alot. That's almost 1.5L and the salt is short by far (I adjusted it at the end). I also added MSG (as per your late aunt; Bless her soul). If you want clean soup, this would be the best recipe. Lots of aroha from Aoetaroa, Maangchi. p.s. Have you consider making Al-Tang? This is my fav. :)"
in Soybean sprout soup (Kongnamulguk) — Sep/20