Candy87's comments

"So I tried out this recipe and I’m almost to my 100 days!!!! The lid I used leaked too. A lot of sugar settled at the bottom of my jar. And I open it to stir the bottom? Or will that interrupt the process?"
in Green plum extract (Maesil-cheong) — Jul/20

"I love the little jars. Where did you get them? Looks like I'll be trying this after going to my farmers market."
in Strawberry Jam — Jul/14

"Trying out this recipe today along with the bulgogi recipe. Cannot wait for every one to try it!"
in Japchae (Sweet potato starch noodles stir fried with vegetables) — Feb/14

"I just made juk! So excited. I couldn't find abalone but I substituted shrimp and it still came out pretty good. Next time I go to the coast I'll see about getting some abalone. In the meantime thank you so much for your easy and delicious recipes."
in Abalone porridge (Jeonbokjuk) — Jan/14

"Thank you. The recipe came out great. Your recipes are really easy ro follow and they come out very tasty."
in Garaetteok (cylinder-shaped rice cakes for tteokguk or tteokbokki) — Dec/13

"Love your website and your cooking! I just made these by following your recipe for making my own rice flour. Tomorrow I'll make ddeokbokki for my birthday. Hopefully they come out good."
in Garaetteok (cylinder-shaped rice cakes for tteokguk or tteokbokki) — Dec/13