Carl O

Carl O's comments

"10 Year Anniversary. Congratulations Maangchi. Here is my Spicy Stir-fried Squid. I used only head and tentacles (I'm lazy today next time I will use whole squid). Also I added some zucchini. Absolutely delicious. I will definitely be making Ojingeo-bokkeum again. "
in Spicy stir fried squid (Ojingeo-bokkeum) — May/17

"Hi Maangchi. I made Kkakdugi yesterday. It has already started fermenting and is delicious. I added some buchu to the recipe as I had some left over from making Tongbaechu-kimchi. Thank you for your fun videos and great recipes."
in Kkakdugi (Cubed radish kimchi) — Apr/17

"Hi Maangchi. Thank you so much for a great and easy to follow recipe and video. I made my first ever batch of Tongbaechu-kimchi (1 mild version and 1 hotter). I'm very happy with the result. Very delicious and sour. It has given me confidence to try more of your wonderful recipes."
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi (Tongbaechu-kimchi: 통배추김치) — Apr/17