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"Hello Maangchi I used to make your easy kimchi recipe every time. Today I finally got my hands on saeujeot so I definitely wanted to give this traditional recipe a try! Oh god, I never going back to the easy kimchi recipe. THIS recipe is perfect! Bring back some memories from my year in Korea.Thank you!! If you can find saeujot, please used it! (Maangchi, next time you're making kimchi, could you weight the ingredients and update the recipe? thanks~)"
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi (Tongbaechu-kimchi: 통배추김치) — Feb/20

"Super merci beaucoup ! J’espère aussi trouver de la poudre de soja fermenté mejugaru..."
in Salted fermented shrimp (Saeujeot) — Feb/20

"Hi! Where did you buy Saeujeot in France ? I keep looking for it around Paris without success... Thank you !"
in Salted fermented shrimp (Saeujeot) — Feb/20

"Ok, thanks !"
in Starter culture (Nuruk) — Nov/18

"Hello Maangchi Can I use nuruk to make natto or 된장 ? Or it needs to be rice straw ? If so, can you tell me how to say rice straw in korean please ? Thank you :)"
in Starter culture (Nuruk) — Oct/17

"Hello Maangchi, Thank you for this recipe ! :) I'm a student on a budget and I live in a dorm room, so I don't have blender or coffee grinder... All I have are a mortar and a potato masher. Can I use it to powder the rice or do you have any other suggestion ? Have a nice day !"
in Short grain rice flour (Mepssalgaru) — Nov/15

"Hi Maangchi! I found all the ingredients to make tteokbokki except dried anchovies. I bought anchovy dashida instead. I was wondering how to use dashida here. First, how many teaspoon of dashida do I need to add to replace 7 large size dried anchovies ; secondly, do I also add the dried kelp or do I skip this part? I saw you already reply partially : "foodcop2014 : Hi Maangchi! Can anchovy stock (Dashida) be used instead of dried anchovies? If so, what is the appropriate amount? Maangchi : I don’t use anchovy or beef stock (dashida), but if I were you, I would add 2 teaspoons first and add more if it needs it." Is it always 2 teaspoons, what about kelp? Thanks in advance for your reply. Bye!"
in Hot and spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki) — Jan/14

"Hi Maangchi ! I made Mak-kimchi once, after coming back from Korea, and I was so much disappointed by the result (bad recipe I think). I found your recipes (Mak-kimchi and Kkakdugi) a little after that first try and promised myself to try with your method next time ; your video is mouth-watering! So, after a quick trip at my local asian store and ALL the ingredients in my bag, I started. First, I was a little skeptical about fish sauce because the smell is really strong and I didn't remember the fishy taste in kimchi, and I was a little surprised to not add gochujang. But I followed your directions to the letter, put it into a glass jar, waiting the last minute to taste. And when I tasted, oh my god, I nearly cried! The taste was here, the exact same taste! :) So, thank you so much Maangchi, I will certainly keep your recipe!"
in Kkakdugi (Cubed radish kimchi) — Jan/14