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"Okay Maangchi i finally made your roll ppang recipe to make this and not cinnamon rolls. I made it to pair it with my husband's beef stew. Sorry there was no time to take pictures as soon as they came out of the oven my husband and i devoured them. They were super delicious and fluffy. My husband said and i quote "these are the BEST bread rolls I've ever had" Thank you once again for your recipes and i will continue to make rolls most likely every week :)"
in Bread Rolls — Jun/17

"Maangchi! I just love you roll ppang recipe sadly i have not used it for rolls. But this is the recipe i use for my cinnamon rolls. And they are fresh out of the oven at 12:15am. My home smells amazing! They look fluffy and scrumptious thank you for your recipes again! Im going to make me some hot chocolate to enjoy these beauties!"
in Bread Rolls — Jun/17

"Thank you soo much Maangchi! I just made some Kkwabaegi and they were delicious i used instant rise yeast instead of active dry because that was the one they had in my local grocery store. My husband thought it was going to end up like an I love Lucy episode : ) Everyone in my home loved them and i cant wait to keep making them as my kids grow. Thank you so much for your beautiful recipes and your lovely stories. You are an amazing woman and i am sure glad i found your channel on YouTube!"
in Twisted Korean doughnuts (Kkwabaegi) — Jun/17