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"Hello Maangchi, I made Makgeolli 3 times using a glass jar and they were delicious. I Then tried making some in a new Onggi crock. However the Onggi Makegeolli has a bad taste. Could the Onggi I bought not be for food safe but be made for decoration only? I bought it at a local Korean grocery. Thank you for your help, Donald"
in Traditional Korean rice liquor (Makgeolli) — Jul/15

"8 cups not 8 quarts thank you"
in Traditional Korean rice liquor (Makgeolli) — Jun/15

"Hi Maangchi , Why is the dehydration part necessary? I have read other recipes on the internet similar to yours and they do not require the dehydration. They do however steam the rice slightly undercooked as apposed to boiling it as you did. If I choose not to dehydrate the rice should I reduce the 8 quarts of water added at then end of your recipe? Thank you for your help."
in Traditional Korean rice liquor (Makgeolli) — Jun/15