Cesaera's comments

"We made some this summer and put it all in the fridge right away. We take a jar out for a few days to ferment to our liking and then we put it back in and use that one to eat. Then we do the same with the next jar. It lasted since summer and stayed crunchy and yummy. 6 months."
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi — Jan/19

"Hi Ali, During the summer I made Mak Kimchi from Maangchi- it is just with cut cabbage and a quicker process. I am making it again now. It was great. I want you to know that we put it ALL except for 1 jar in the fridge. It just slows the fermentation process. You can take it out to ferment to your liking and then put it in the fridge. But if you want it to last a while like we did just take some out to ferment and refrigerate the rest. Put the fermented portion back in the fridge as soon as you like the flavor, then eat it soon. Remember to use something to keep the kimchi below the liquid so it stays crunchy and doesn’t get moldy."
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi — Jan/19

"Ok we LOVE Kimchi since we had a Chinese exchange teacher stay with us 12 years ago who made us Kimchi fried rice. Then I visited Korea on a 10 day tour for teachers about 5 years ago - and it was going to become a habit. We eat it and cook pa jeong with it. we even make Kinchi fried rice and sometimes Rice cakes with it. So we dove in and Made Maangchi's Mak Kimchi. We DID NOT USE the squid - Im a squeemish vegetarian -The fish sauce gave it plenty of flavor - even though it seemed a bit too fishy until day 3 of fermenting. It is Perfect!! day three is lovely - crunchy and deliciously balanced. We also added a cup of chines chives - cut into 1" pieces. I also didnt julienne my Daikon or Carrots as finely as Maangchi did - I really liked the crunk they offered - As for Chinese leeks - no luck - so I tried using plain old American ones - they seem to have worked fine. Thank you Maangchi - we are ready for our next recipe - ( made your Bok Choy the same day!)"
in Easy kimchi — May/18