Chancellor's comments

"Hi Maangchi. I cooked your multigrain rice this afternoon for our lunch. But I don’t have the green peas but it’s still good and yummy. I used the Japanese short white grain rice and our local brown and black rice. And I have pearl barley with it. I don’t have a pressure rice cooker but the ordinary rice cooker worked as well. We always eat rice but I never thought of mixing those grains. Thanks for sharing."
in Multigrain Rice (Japgokbap) — Jul/19

"Hi Maangchi. I have been following you on your YouTube channel for some months now. My husband and I like to eat at Korean restaurants. And I usually buy bottled kimchi sold at grocery stores but I noticed that they put MSG in it so I stop buying. Last week I made Cubed Radish Kimchi. My first time to try making Korean dish. And it is sooo goood!!!! I am planning to try your other recipes and the traditional Napa Cabbage kimchi as soon as I get all the ingredients from the Korean grocery store near my place. Thank you for sharing."
in Kkakdugi (Cubed radish kimchi) — Jul/19