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"hello everybody am 56yo korean american recalling from childhood memory my mother used to make nuruk and rice wine, she used wheat after soakjng into the water almost one day and drain it hit with stick and steam, wrap with cloth keep it in warm place one day, and dry it under shade area it become nuruk. i want to give you the main essential things about nuruk it is white bacterial fungus. the rice, wheat, and barley can acquire white bacterial fungus. these white bacterial fungus is main agent to make sugar and alcohol, i have been researching how to make nuruk or similar things nobody say about how to make nuruk accurately, probably if i used korean language i might find more accurate information. nuruk is no longer mysterious secret recipe, you can make nuruk as long as nuruk acquires white grayish or blackish fungus thats the main point. if you have any korean friend request them to research more in korean. whether you steam or roast or make dough it will serve the function of nuruk. the ifugao in the philippines (cordillera mountain ethnic people) also make bubot, after roasting glutinous rice they mix the powder of certain root crop from the mountain make round cake while drying up it acquires blackish fungus, the ifugao rice wine also have unique taste they roast before mixing with the bubot they roast rice almost burning level. amount of wine is too little compare to japanese sake or korean rice wine but after draining the original wine they add much sugar and water let it fermented. i hope it can be helpful for everybody. Thank you."
in Starter culture (Nuruk) — May/17