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"Wow, this looks great, Maangchi! I ran out to buy lima beans and condensed milk last night. Will be making this recipe this weekend. I also plan to make this with red bean fillings as well. The lima beans and the red beans are now soaking in water. I have a question about storage if you don't finish all of the manjus at once. What is the best way to store these? Do you leave them at room temperature? Or put them in the fridge (or even freezer)? What sort of container would you use? How long would the leftover manjus last? Thanks!"
in Baked sweet pastry (Manju) — Jun/11

"I just noticed that in your photo, the LA galbi was only $6.99/lb. Oh my god, this costs $9.99 at H-Mart in K-Town, NYC. The M2M grocery store in the East Village sells this for $8.99/lb. Where do you buy your LA galbi in NYC, Maangchi?"
in LA style cut beef short ribs — Apr/11

"Hi Maangchi, may I ask what vinegar you used to make this? Thanks!"
in Radish salad (Musaengchae) — Apr/11

"Maangchi, the Octopus Soup looks incredible. They certainly gave you a lot of octopus! Looking at your photos makes me so hungry. Going to make some kimchi pancake now. :D"
in Food, food in Mexico! — Mar/11

"This is great news, congrats!"
in Private: Maangchi’s cookbook lucky 7 — Feb/11

"Thanks a lot. I'll get an earthen bowl then. Glad to be able to lift it without breaking my arm (like the stone bowl). Haha."
in Earthenware bowl — Jan/11

"Hi, Maangchi. Sorry to ask questions on an old post. But, I'm trying to decide between purchasing an earthen bowl and a stone bowl. It seems that they are pretty similar in function and I prefer the earthen bowl because it's so much lighter. Though, can you make bibimbap in the earthen bowl to get that crispy rice crust from it? This is the main thing I'm worried about. Does the earthen bowl heat up enough to make rice crispy? Thank you!"
in Earthenware bowl — Jan/11