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"and i will also put the sauce in advance before baking it and add additional gochujang and instead of sugar i will use honey! :D is it ok?"
in Fried snapper with seasoning sauce (Domi-yangnyeom-gui) — Apr/13

"wow i love that recipe but i have to healthify that no no to deep fry or pan fry i dont like frying... i will just bake it but is it ok i will use salmon fillet but baked..."
in Fried snapper with seasoning sauce (Domi-yangnyeom-gui) — Apr/13

"wow korean jelly salad really appreciating... and is that acorn jelly right?"
in Seasoned acorn jelly (Dotorimuk-muchim) — Jun/12

"hi maangchi! can i ask something for this dish called dakjjim... thats one of my favorites and i love to eat! :D can i make a seafood version of that??? and what should i use if its a seafood version???"
in Braised chicken with vegetables (Dakjjim) — Jun/12

"yes i am because it represents me... and remember its more fun in the PHILIPPINES!!! you can see some slogans in CNN sometimes... but its true long trip for me but if i can make it next time i will be there.... don't worry there are many next times. :D"
in Springtime Korean Picnic in May! — May/12

"and it will be a long flight for me will take 17 hours at the plane with some layovers... from ninoy aquino international airport in manila to JFK airport in NYC... crossing timezones and dateline... but if im there i probably will be on your bus or rent a vehicle and a driver of course... to take me to connecticut..."
in Springtime Korean Picnic in May! — May/12

"adobo- its a chicken stewed in soy sauce and vinegar with garlic peppercorn and bayleaf pancit- a stir fried egg noodles with some meat and vegetables lumpia- a spring roll whether fried or fresh halo halo- filipino patbingsu... with beans and fruits, topped with crushed ice and milk with some purple yam and creme caramel... topped with rice crispies..."
in Springtime Korean Picnic in May! — May/12

"but sorry i dont have US visa... i got denied 2 years ago... but if i can... im not going to bring korean food... of course ill bring filipino food of course to promote my filipino culture and cuisine... so if its filipino food why not to bring... my main course will be ADOBO and PANCIT!!! my appetizer would be LUMPIA!!! and my dessert will be HALO HALO!!! and bring some post cards of the philippines and promote!!! so what can you say?"
in Springtime Korean Picnic in May! — May/12

"halo halo... the one that you ate with mika and michelle, its a dessert a filipino version of patbingsu..."
in Springtime Korean Picnic in May! — May/12

"the place is so peaceful and quiet... really love it! :D i wish i was there... my aunt who is a nurse... lives in NJ and our family friend there who lives in Boston MA. if I am staying there for a vacation i will definitely go there and meet up again with you... still remember me that you said rented a driver before??? if i am coming there, i will prepare, 3 korean dishes and 1 filipino... but not sorry... i am here in manila, philippines right now... have fun there maangchi! :D if i am there... maybe i will cook... 1.) korean fried chicken (yangnyeom tongdak) 2.) japchae (korean noodles) 3.) manduguk (dumpling soup) bonus.... 1 filipino dish! HALO HALO!!!"
in Springtime Korean Picnic in May! — May/12

"new recipe... it looks like a very traditional korean dessert made by you... composes of just dried persimmons and walnuts wow! so unique... but you can also try the dried apricots wow! fantastic! :D"
in Gotgamssam (Walnuts wrapped in persimmons) — Mar/12

"wow it reminds me of gapshida philippines 2011 and its an honor that you present a filipino food and by the way adobo is a common thing in the philippines but it is our national dish... thanks for all! :D you remember me right i am the one who bring a mandu guk and korean fried chicken and with a picture who cooked a korean fried chicken instead of chicken its fish but you know the truth is you inspire me even my friends also follow you! :D"
in Chicken adobo (Adobo sa Gata) — Mar/12

"kimchi noodles wow! kimchi sauce on a noodles! how about using it with soba noodles what will it came out?"
in Bibim-guksu (Spicy mixed noodles) — Feb/12

"what kind of radish is that? and it is very rare to me... even in korea i havent find it also... but i hope i should try this dish one day."
in Ponytail kimchi (Chonggak-kimchi) — Feb/12

"i just love eating this with ice cream filling inside... chapssaldeok ice cream! strawberry flavor i just tried after the group exercise workout at the gym... trying one piece..."
in Chapssaltteok (Korean-style mochi) — Feb/12