chitvillegas's comments

"Maangchi...try squeezing a wedge of lemon into your hot tea and drop that wedge into your cup...add more honey according to taste! So good!"
in Ginger tea (Saenggangcha) — Jul/12

"Hi maangchi, I am so ashamed and embarrassed about your experience here in the Philippines. Firstly we have three international airport in the city itself how come no one discouraged you from landing at the Clark airport which is about two hours by car to Manila. That is if you are lucky traffic is not bad. And the most embarrassing for me I guess is you had to take a cab by yourself to your hotel nobody even warned you about being taken advantaged of by taxi drivers. HThat means nobody volunteered or offered to meet you at the bus station and take you to the hotel? This is no Filipino hospitality at all. What a shame! And whoever booked you in that horrible hotel you described! There are so many hotels in the city and I wonder if this is located near your cooking venue. Wow! I just can't believe how you were hosted! I am one of your admirers and I wanted to attend the the meet up party except that I was so discouraged to learn that I live at the very opposite side of the city. And knowing the traffic and the rain...was enough to let me be contented meantime of your video cooking.however I admire that fan of yours who took that 12 hours? trip? Hopefully it made up for your experience here. Oh is now nothing can be undone! But I must say you are such a very gracious person . Inspire of your bad experience you still have lots of good things to say and lots of smile to show. Indeed you seem to really have a heart not only for cooking but for people of all walks of life and color. Mabuhay ka maangchi! I will look you up in New York...I am hoping to meet you!"
in Gapshida Philippines — Jan/12