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"Hooooraaaay!! MAANGCHI! :D That sound all soo good and now, I can make just better Korean food because of the new maps :D horay :D and the picture upload on flickr almost making me be confused -.-* I love your encouragement! :)) I really like the changes and they're good. So hope to hear from you soon again :) . So with the new search, I will try some things with it :P . yipee! :D"
in Some recent website improvements — Mar/11

"Oh Maangchi!! :D This trip to Mexico was AWE-SOME right? :D I can see that you had sooo much fun :) I wish I was with you :D sorry if my english is bad today I got a very hard Work ;) . I will do this recipe with my Honey ^^ he is impressed about you and your cooking skill with fish! :D You`re such a good person :) . Hugs and greetz from germany :))"
in Mulhoe (Spicy raw fish soup) — Mar/11

"Hey Maangchi! ^^ I would love your book :) because I didn't have one of your books and it would be cool If I got one and it would be even more cooler if I got a autographed one :D and I'm such a loyal fan of you :P from Germany :D ^^ I would love it to be one of the chosen seven ^_^ AND :) the 13th March is my anniversary day with my honey and it would be a cool present ;) you know :) he is a soo big maangchi fan too :D he still loves your cooking :D greetz chris ;)"
in Private: Maangchi’s cookbook lucky 7 — Feb/11

"I wish I could visit you too :) and we could cook together :D huuuw huuuw!! ^^ I LOOOVE Your way to cook, its my inspiration! ^_^"
in Grilled pork belly BBQ (Samgyeopsal-gui) — Feb/11

"MAAAAANGCHIII!!!! : ( *running to you while crying* I can't watch this Recipe :'( because it says: " This Video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment, this video is not avaiable in your country" Sh*t Youtube and Sony :("
in Seasoned raw beef (Yukhoe: 육회) — Feb/11

"Have a super good and nice holiday in Mexico ;) I hope you get good food too at mexico :) and may you bring some recipe-ideas from there :D have a great time ^^"
in Leaving for Mexico — Jan/11