Cilcil's comments

"Oh! I think i prefer more pork belly because the meat just melts in my mouth!!!!! Its do yummy! I used pork belly & shoulder meat!"
in Kimchi soup (Kimchi-guk) — May/18

"Thank you for ur wonderful recipe!!! I can eat kinchiguk for days!!!! Its so flavourful!!!!! I added abit more chilli pepper powder for more spicy!!! My frens & me love it so much!!!! Its so yummy!!!!"
in Kimchi soup (Kimchi-guk) — May/18

"Hi Maangchi! I m from Singapore & I love Korean food!!!! I made Gamjatang with ur old recipe & I love it soooo much! But I cannot find Perilla leaves I love the fresh Perilla leaves when I was in Korea for holidays!!!! My not very clear photo because we are most of it already! Haaaa!"
in Pork bone soup (Gamjatang) — Feb/17