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"This is the next recipe of yours I'm going to make, I made cheese buldak today. I find it funny that other mums would make something to last for days if she was gone, my mum if she was going away for some days would leave us to fend for ourselves. We would have to make dinner ourselves if we wanted dinner that day. It probably helped that my dad always liked puttering around the kitchen and I inherited that. It was my dad that taught me to cook, not my mum. She isn't a bad cook but it's all very tame in my opinion. She would never try her hand at some Korean food, she is however very good at baking! When I was 12 I was home for the summer with just my siblings, both older than me, whilst my parents were at our cabin, I have serious pollen allergies and our cabin is surrounded by woods. Despite being the youngest I was the one fixing dinner and making sure my siblings ate and came home at night."
in Spicy beef and vegetable soup (Yukgaejang: 육개장) — Jul/17

"So I was finally able to make this today and it was absolutely gorgeous! Takes a bit of time when you have a small kitchen and limited utensils and casseroles, and your oven overloads the circuit when cooking the chicken mixture and preheating the oven. Despite this I used no more than and hour, and that included two trips out of my apartment to turn the power back on! I made this in my wok, because I don't have a skillet, and it turned out perfectly. I also didn't have ginger so I squeezed half a lime in before topping with cheese. Thank you so much for this recipe and I have your yukgaejang recipe in mind next!"
in Fire chicken with cheese (Cheese buldak: 치즈불닭) — Jul/17

"Thank you for the perfect gift idea for Christmas, I'm always looking to making my Christmas gifts less expensive (I'm on a very limited budget each month) and this will make perfect presents for the adults in my family without having to spend a huge amount of money!"
in Ginger tea (Saenggangcha) — Jul/17

"I was going to make this today after drooling over the recipe and video for months! I had secured my chicken, bought cheese and was ready to start when I got home from work. I had just measured up my hot pepper flakes when I remembered the chicken in the fridge and went to get it (my apartment is so small my fridge is in my living room not the kitchen). What do I discover?!?! It wasn't chicken I had taken out of the freezer, it was white fish (which looks quite similar when deep frozen). So instead of the meal I've wanted to try for months, I had a tomato-based fish stew. I will try this recipe tomorrow, after buy chicken not just hoping that's what I took out of the freezer."
in Fire chicken with cheese (Cheese buldak: 치즈불닭) — Jul/17