Coriander's comments

"I think the fruit is the dry seedpod that will form after the flower fades, if it is pollinated. The buds don't produce a deep gold color, and chija don't have the swirly shape of the buds."
in Yellow pickled radish (Danmuji) — Dec/18

"I have seen these radishes in my local Korean store and felt so curious about them! They are so cute, they look like cartoon vegetables. Now I have a recipe for them, and I can't wait to get some!"
in Ponytail kimchi (Chonggak-kimchi) — Dec/18

"What a wonderful video! Will you make any recipes for using fresh fernbrake? Perhaps in spring? I do not think it is illegal to gather it where I live, and it grows in great abundance."
in Stir-fried fernbrake (Gosari-namul: 고사리나물) — Dec/18