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"I have made this twice now. The first time, I used japanese nori and I did not have the pickled radish (I used home made mild kimchi instead). It was good, but the nori was too chewy. I found korean roasted seasoned laver sheets and used those today. What a difference! The texture is altogether different - much more delicate. I also found pickled radish but it was sweeter than I expected so I used kimchi again. AWESOME. Thank you for the inspiration to try something different! I don't like sushi, but I LOVE kim bap!"
in Tuna gimbap — Aug/12

"I made this for dinner today (with kim Bap, I know not traditional to serve together) after finding frozen sliced rice cakes at a Korean market. I used leftover cooked pork roast and chicken broth, but the rest was the same. Tasty, comforting, filling, the texture of the chewy rice cakes is perfect. Thank you for a wonderful recipe, and something very new for my family that they all loved!"
in Rice cake soup (Tteokguk) — Aug/12