DenverJJ's comments

"I just made this. It was great!! I used to wait tables in a Korean restaurant (and had many meals there) so I was excited to make Bulgogi. The Asian pear was something new for me but I liked it. I eyeballed a small portion of onion, cut it up a bit and put it in the food processor. I did the same with the Asian pear, but a bigger piece. I added all the other ingredients and THEN I turned on the processor to mix and puree everything. It was very easy. I bought some thinly sliced rib eye at HMart, added it to the mariade to sit for about an hour and a half. I stir fried, then steamed veggies in a homemade teriyaki sauce (equal parts soy sauce and mirin with sliced ginger and a little sugar). I fried my bulgogi in a pan on the stove. It turned out fine, but some day I will BBQ over charcoal. Thanks for the recipe! I also love your marinated bean sprouts!"
in Bulgogi Korean beef BBQ — Apr/15