Derek Stallman

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"1 week later and hello! I think I'm going to separate the gangjang and doenjang today or tomorrow. It's only been about 5 weeks but I'm surprised how much fungi my small batch produced. I used 40% of your recipe. All the best Maangchi =)"
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — Aug/18

"I want to show off my updated project to you! It has about 4 weeks left in the pot. It's so exciting to reach each step of the process. I like the way it smells, the smoke and all the flavors."
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — Jul/18

"And in the photo it is on the far left and the top"
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — Mar/18

"Hi Maangchi! I've taken on the task of making doenjang for my family and I. I am a couple of days from putting my meju in the box, and one of my blocks fell and broke on the ground. Everything smells good, there are little white dots growing , but there is also some darker colored gray fuzzy mold inside. I would like your opinion of this is some good mold or possibly the bad stuff. Thank you for everything you do, you are a true beacon of light! Best, Derek"
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — Mar/18