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"Hi, I'm from Mexico, I also happened the same thing, I did it in a fermentation barrel pulque, and until now it's going well. just wait"
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — Oct/18

"dear Maangchi I need your help, a month ago I put the meju in salt water and these days grew a white layer above the meju and charcoal. Is this bad? or do I have to start over? I hope you are well, greetings from Mexico."
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — Sep/17

"Hello dear Maangchi, I write from Mexico to join you for sharing your recipes with people who love the culture and gastronomy of Korea. I started this project in a little 20 days, and I'm worried about my meju, every day I take it in the sun because I do not have an electric blanket, and at night I put it behind the refrigerator, but this morning turning the meju I realized that Have mushrooms, do not know if they are good or bad, breaking a piece has a strong smell and more fungi of color between green and black. As you see, is it a problem? is on a good path? Or do I have to start over?   Thanks for all the wonderful videos, I will continue to support you in the distance, a strong hug, blessings always !!!"
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — Jul/17