Diendi's comments

"Hello, Maangchi! Thank you so much for posting such wonderful recipes for people all over the world to try. Including me! I made baek-kimchi yesterday. Before I let it ferment, I tasted the broth. It was too salty! But then I believe in your recipe and tried to ferment it for 24 hours. I can eat it fine (the saltiness still there, but decreased by moderate amount), but it lacks of sweetness! It just taste sour and salty! I used one big pear, I measured it a little over 2 cups. Before I added it in my chopper, I tasted it first--it was sweet enough. So my question is: What should I put to my 24+ hours fermented kimchi to make it sweeter? If you suggest sugar or pear, can you tell me a rough measurement for each? If it's sugar, should I dissolve it in the water first (or make a simple syrup with it)? Thanks again and I'm looking forward to your reply! xoxo, Diendi (I've sent this to your email too, just to make sure you'll read my message. Sorry in advance for spamming your inbox! I'm really desperate to retrieve my kimchi!!!)"
in White Kimchi (Baek-kimchi) — Feb/17