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"Thanks Maangchi! I made grilled and fried mackerel for lunch today and it was delicious! Both versions are very tasty and the best part was lunch for 2 only cost me $2 O_O! The fish was frozen but was still fresh and the meat was sweet and flakey (not dry at all although I put it in the broiler till it turned brown). Will definitely make this again nomnomnom."
in Grilled mackerel (Godeungeo-gui) — Sep/11

"Yay! I went to the Korean grocery store today and I'm going to make this for dinner! Someone remind me to take a picture of it to submit before I eat it all hahaha."
in Braised chicken with vegetables (Dakjjim) — Sep/11

"Hi Maangchi, Thanks for another delicious recipe! My sister and I made this recipe on Labor Day and it was so good! We would have tried this recipe earlier but the Korean market didn't have any Asian pears, but this weekend they did! Yippie! I'll never buy pre-marinaded galbi again! Also we had a little contest with our mom, because she found leftover bulgogi marinade in our refrigerator and said "If mine tastes better than yours, you have to pay me double for the meat" (so $40) ... and I said, "Bring it on! Maangchi will win!". Though she didn't want to admit it at first when we were eating yesterday afternoon, she finally admitted that your recipe was indeed better haha! Victory for Maangchi!!!"
in LA galbi (LA style grilled beef short ribs) — Sep/11

"I'm going to try this recipe sometime this week :)! How much do ox bones usually cost? I was at my local Korean market today and it was about $0.70 a pound, is that a fair price?"
in Ox bone soup (Seolleongtang) — Jul/11

"Nice! We still have left overs since we used a whole chicken to make this recipe. I ate some this morning without microwaving it and believe it or not the chicken still made the crispy crunchy noise haha! They had frozen chicken wings/drums at the supermarket today buy one get one free and we bought 2 bags >:D... guess what we are going to use them for :D! Yangnyeom tongdak!"
in Sweet, sour, & spicy Korean fried chicken (Yangnyeom-tongdak) — Jul/11

"Hi Maangchi, Thank you for this recipe! My sister and I made it for dinner and it was delicious! Definitely will make this again in the future :)!! Whole chicken was on sale for 65 cents a pound and we bought a pretty decent size one and chopped it up. We used 1.5x the recipe amount and it had the perfect amount of sauce. We didn't have rice syrup or apple vinegar so we used corn syrup and regular vinegar and it turned out fine. Next time I'll use a big big pot to make the sauce cause the mountain of chicken was trying to jump out of the pan x(! My sister says no more KFC haha."
in Sweet, sour, & spicy Korean fried chicken (Yangnyeom-tongdak) — Jul/11