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"Long time watcher and Maangchi recipe maker. I had some cod in the freezer and naturally came to your YouTube page to find a recipe to use it in. I found this one and just made it for lunch. It was delicious!! It was almost like a spicy lobster. I had a side of kimchi (your easy kimchi recipe) with it and sprinkled some sesame seeds on all of it. I couldn't stop eating it! I'm sure I looked like an alligator to anyone passing by. I modify a lot of your recipes for carbohydrates as I have to eat very low sugar/carb, but they always turn out deliciously. Thank you so much for your content, Maangchi!!! You've converted a midwestern US, steak and potatoes eater into appreciating Korean cuisine!"
in Spicy cod fillets (Daegusal-jorim: 대구살조림) — Jul/22