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"What's missing here: STUFFING! Stuffing from scratch is not difficult -- old bread torn into pieces, some chopped onion & celery, some herbs & spices -- Bell's Seasoning is the short cut -- some breakfast sausage (squeezed out of the casings; cased sausage is tucked in around joints, so the fat dribbles down as automatic basting; Jones is the preferred brand) and warm chicken broth or fruit juice to bring it all together. Don't stuff the cavity (rinse well, rub with coarse salt and fill with fruit -- apples & oranges, commonly). Rather, run your hand up under the skin over the breast to loosen it -- carefully a oiding tearing the skin (it can be repaired but is not so pretty. Then pack the stuffing up under the skin. The stuffing helps to insulate the breast from overheating, the juice & sausage also basting it (an issue esp. with turkey). And, the bird looks much mor impressive with its "puffed up" breast! Ah. There is an advantage to traditional carving:. It's easier to keep the carcase pristne -- prrfect for making chicken broth the next day...."
in Korean style Roasted Chicken (Tongdak-gui: 통닭구이) — Jan/22

"This recipe scales nicely. There are only two of us; I've made this recipe three times, in different "sizes" (allowing for leftovers in two instances). Because you do a great job with technique, the scale-down/scale-up is pretty straightforward. I've also worked out some substitutions: I used simple syrup in place of rice syrup. I used standard crushed red pepper in a bottle. I used apple cider vinegar (I was tempted to Zhejiang vinegar, and probably will next time; I suspect the flavor might really pop!). I suspect I will also make a "bigger" batch of the coating, then cook it down to hard-crack stage (I've only gotten to "soft ball" so far). On the other hand, the soft coating over the crispy (still there — interesting) is special. And all this flavor from fairly inexpensive chicken — very welcome in the face of inflation. In short, I like this dish and I note some others I'm anxious to cook. Kudos!"
in Crispy crunchy Korean fried chicken (Dakgangjeong) — Jan/22