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"Hi Maangchi! Sorry for coming so late to comment! Thank you for your kind reply. Next time, I'll try a korean brand. When I made it, it was really really spicy, almost burning my lips. Now that my kimchi is... older(?), it tastes better. I decided to had some vegetables little by little (like cabbage, carrot etc...). I think it might have helped to smooth the taste. But, it's still spicy... I'll try to cook it instead of eating it like this! Thank you!"
in Hot pepper flakes (Gochugaru) — Jan/11

"Hi Maangchi! Do you know from which hot pepper it is? I used the ones I have home... and even if it wasn't much, my kimchi was really spicy!! I can't really eat it since it's too hot! D: I asked my mother and it turns to be a pepper from Thailand, known to be very very very hot(named Khi Nu). I have medium hot pepper powder too (no flakes) and I was wondering, if I can mix them... What do you think?"
in Hot pepper flakes (Gochugaru) — Sep/10

"Hi from France! Thank you for this recipe! :) I really wanted to try it, and today was the day. I'll send you a picture of it! Well, I think I've made mistakes when converting the weight of the ingredients, because I ended with more than half of everything (coatings & red beans paste!), and I made around 25 rice balls... Unfortunately, the red beans weren't fully cooked, so there were still beans in the paste... However, I tried to crushed them, and added some water (not a lot) because it wasn't like a paste and too dry... Bad idea, the flavor of the red beans became too weak... I replaced the mugwort powder with white sesame seeds (made like the black ones). Finally, it wasn't that bad and we enjoy it with some tea, with my family! Well, I have a question : after rolling my rice ball in the coatings, a few minutes later, the humidity of the rice ball will make it look wet... (don't know how to explain it...). Is it still good? And how many days can I keep it (if not frozen)? Thank you for your recipe!"
in Gyeongdan (rice cake balls) — Aug/10