Drew's comments

"Maangchi's Munchies Maangchi's Food Magic Meals with Maangchi Seoul Food with Mangchi Korean Kool with Maangchi Korea à la carte with Maangchi"
in What should I name my new cooking show? — Jun/11

"These were fun to make although I pressed the sugar in too hard on my first one and ended up with a cinnamon and sugar ball. Once I got the hang of it, the rest were easy. My vegetarian daughter had me make some with cooked broccoli and cheese and they turned out great."
in Sweet pancakes with brown sugar syrup filling (Hotteok) — Jun/11

"What a fun dessert. I made the beans using small red beans I found in Harris-Teeter. The beans and fat-free condensed milk make a healthy dessert and very refreshing. Thanks for the recipe."
in Patbingsu (Shaved ice with sweet red beans and fruit) — Jun/11