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"Hi, since I can't buy always dried anchovies, I sometimes 'cheat' with dashi. The flavour of two kinds of broths are pretty similar."
in Spicy braised potatoes (Maeun-gamja-jorim: 매운감자조림) — Feb/19

"You are absolutely right! I'm from Hungary (living in Germany), and we watch always Maangchi's recipes together with my husband. At this video we have yelled unisono: 'look at that, this is the Korean paprikáskrumpli!' :) And dear Maangchi voila the recipe, this is what we make at home (I actually also with wiener). But be aware: this is a tipical national dish, that means people religiously stick to their family recipe. :D https://bitethebutter.wordpress.com/2015/11/07/paprikas-krumpli/comment-page-1/"
in Spicy braised potatoes (Maeun-gamja-jorim: 매운감자조림) — Feb/19

"That was so yummy! Full of umami. I've cooked it with store-bought cheongukjang, but anyway. :) Thanks again Maangchi, the world can not be enough grateful for you."
in Cheonggukjang-jjigae (Extra-strong fermented soybean paste stew) 청국장찌개 — Feb/19