eeb1009's comments

"This looks fantastic! This will be the next soup I make, for sure."
in Spicy pork stew (Dwaejigogi-jjigae) — Aug/18

"I can't stop making sundubujjigae! It's so addictive and delicious and comforting. I use not only pork belly, but I also add some shrimps at the end, really deepens the flavor. I crave it all the time..."
in Sundubu-jjigae (순두부찌개) Spicy soft tofu stew with kimchi and pork belly — Nov/17

"I've made this twice now! I just use anchovy-kelp stock for the liquid, and I add shrimps and scallops at the end. It wasn't spicy enough for me the first time I made it, so the second time, I added a chopped serrano pepper along with the Korean green chilis. I had assumed that Korean chilis would be really hot...I was surprised to eat a slice of one and find that it was sweet and tasted kind of like a green bell pepper, not spicy! Delicious on its own though. The serrano gave the jjigae and really nice heat, but not too overwhelming."
in Doenjang-jjigae (Fermented soybean paste stew) — Nov/17