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"Hi, I'm sooo happy that you liked my country and the people. It's great that you posted all those pictures about Mexican culture like pyramids of Tenochtitlan, the house of Frida Kahlo and the Zocalo, so that everyone can see or get to know my country a little more. Thanks! Some years ago I had a Korean roommate, she use to cook for me a lot of dishes and she also took me to a lot of korean restaurants, I loved korean food. And thanks to you I'll try to make my own korean food. When I had to come back to my country, she came along with me. I cooked for her a lot of spicy food and other kind of dishes, and she began to like Mexican food. Whenever you come back to Mexico, feel freely to let me know, and I'll show you the other house of Frida Kahlo, the anthropology museum, the Zoo, and a lot of other places. And well you'll have your own interpreter of english and spanish for any doubt you could have."
in Mexico, you are so colorful! — Mar/11