EMH's comments

"Hello, New to the site and to making Korean food myself (but a big fan). This is the first recipe I've tried. It is jarred and sitting out to ferment. I noticed however, that when using the recommended amount of fish sauce it smelled fishier when jarring than that which I buy at the Korean grocer. Will this attenuate a bit with fermentation? Also, I had Gochugaru powder instead of flakes. I couldn't find a conversion from flakes-to-powder. I suspect it would be less than 1:1 (based on how hot my son's Korean cooking is using the powder). Do you recommend differing amounts of powder versus the more course flakes? Thanks! Happy to have discovered this site. Plan to try many of the recipes now that I have stocked my pantry. Cheers!"
in Kkakdugi (Cubed radish kimchi) — May/20