EmShay's comments

"Maangchi, It's difficult for me to express in words how grateful I am that I found your website and your recipes. I am just now finishing a very difficult period of my life where it was hard for me to find a reason to be happy about much. Lucky for me, I found your website and decided to try making some of the recipes. This tteokbokki recipe was the first I tried. The surprise and satisfaction of cooking something so tasty gave me a positive glow that I hadn't felt in a long time. These days, I am constantly cooking something and always telling friends and family to come over so we can share a meal together. The times where I've shared delicious food with family and friends has revitalized me and brought light back into my life. This is all possible because of the hard work you've put into your recipes, the website, and the book. I can now look back at those times and smile knowing that I ended up gaining something priceless -- I've gained the confidence that I could make something delicious that brings smiles to the faces of the people I love. Thank you!"
in Hot and spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki) — Mar/16