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"Envy you so much!! you can met Michellephan! she is also one of my fav youtube makeup guru! and you are my fav korean food guru! OMG, it will be amazing if you can visit singapore. I will go singapore and meet you. I stay very near to singapore Please, please try to make an party or cooking class at singapore."
in My YouTube Creator Camp experience — Jul/13

"Hi Maangchi ♥ I love your website and the way how you show the cooking tutorials... Very easy to understand and exciting! I'm a vegetarian (non onion), so every time I saw your recipes I need to re-work & change some ingredients. But still okay, since I never tried the original korean food lol. I done Kimchi, Rice cake & Ddeokbokki with Vegetarian version, because of you me & my family can enjoy the vegetarian homemade korean food ♥ Now I'm gonna make the jjajjangmyeon, I've bought a black bean paste in korean mart at Singapore. Its written "chinese black bean paste (chunjang)" is it correct? I was in doubt with the chinese black bean actually. Thanks a lot Maangchi, love you!!"
in Jjajangmyeon (Noodles in blackbean sauce) — Jul/13