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"Hihi! My friend and I will be traveling to Seoul and Jeju this November. Since we'll be staying in homestays, I am wondering if I can pay back such generosity with some local Malaysian cooking. I intend to use Spanish Mackerel to make some fish cake yong tou foo style for repay my hosts. Do you mind if I ask what Spanish Mackerel is called in Korean? I intend to leave 'Ahjumma' out of my brains altogether and just go with "Agasshi, *spanish mackerel' issoyeo?" Thank you for your great great tips!"
in Mulhoe (Spicy raw fish soup) — Oct/12

"Compared to korean men, I think my dad is a fussier eater. He hates garlic, I'm thinking of taking his portion aside to just mix with soysauce, sesame seed and oil. I'm mixing lots of garlic in mine YAY!"
in Eggplant side dish (Gaji-namul) — Aug/11