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"Dear Maangchi, after watching tons of your awesome, entertaining videos i've started my korean cooking adventures today with Jjajangmyeon and - sorry to say that - was a little disappointed. After browsing through the comments, i found out, that i'm not alone with that. And then, when i read your advise "to be careful with the very salty" black bean paste, i got it. The problem seems to lie in different black bean pastes which people use. I bought "chunjang" in a korean supermarket (see attached picture), which is absolutely not salty and after searching your video i saw in freeze frame that you used FERMENTED black bean paste, which obviously has a different flavour. If we do not use the fermented black bean paste in that recipe it tastes just bland, watery and slightly bitter. I pimped the dish with light soy- and fishsauce, which gave a rounder body and saltiness to the nuty bean flavour sauce, but it's probably not the same taste as it should be. But when your doctor recommends to save some salt, you should go for the non-fermented paste, which gives you full control over the amount of salt you like, without being stingy with the black beans. At the end i enjoyed my black and white noodles, especially the great jajang noodles, but are planning to lick my wounds with the glorious return of the much more colorful and life-affirming jobchae."
in Jjajangmyeon (Noodles in blackbean sauce) — Sep/16