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"I am vegan, or plant-based. I made Maangchi's vegetarian- and vegan-friendly kimchi recipe about one month ago. Today, using the substitutes available at many Western grocery stores these days, I made vegan kimchi grilled cheese using Earth Balance (a butter substitute, one of many available) and plant-based "mozzarella" shreds from a brand I found called Vevan (although many other brands make the same thing--for example, Follow Your Heart, Violife, and Good Planet Foods). Although I understand most people in different parts of the world may not see or be able to afford such luxurious products, I am grateful I can follow my plant-based lifestyle and enjoy Maangchi's delicious recipes. Whatever you choose or can find, please try this! :)"
in Kimchi grilled cheese (김치 그릴치즈) — Apr/21

"You guys are awesome! I'm a quarter Polish (my last name ends in -ski) and it kinda kills me that so much traditional Polish food is difficult to make vegan-friendly :( Awesome to see you guys trying to be vegan nonetheless! I'm about to try this recipe of Maangchi's making a broth with vegan fishy sauce, kombu, soy sauce, and dulse flakes. Hopefully it turns out!"
in Hot and spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki) — Oct/19